How to Choose the Right Upholstery Fabric For Your Furniture

What Is Upholstery, Anyway?

Upholstery is a material which includes fabric, padding, webbing, and springs that make up the soft coverings of chairs, sofas, and other furniture. The process began in the Middle Ages and grew in popularity during the 17th century. Over the years, many materials have been used for upholstery. These include hay, horsehair, and wool. Modern upholstered items are made with metal springs to provide durability and foam for better quality. Even though you can’t see the interior materials, it makes a big difference in how comfortable the piece is. Fabric may need to be replaced depending on wear and tear, so choose high-quality inner layers that will ensure durability.

How to choose the best upholstery fabric for your furniture.

As you shop for upholstery fabric, take into account how you live and who uses the piece. This will help guide you on the type of material to choose. You may love the look of silk velvet, but it will quickly get destroyed in a house with children or pets., such as family or living rooms, will need durable fabrics, while furniture that doesn’t get as much wear and tear, such as a bedroom settee or headboard, can sport any type of textile.

A big mistake people make is not considering how a fabric or leather may age over time. Will you still love the leather as it develops a nice patina from everyday living? Will you vacuum the upholstery fabric regularly? Will you close the drapes when you are away or do not use a room to avoid some of the fading that naturally occurs from exposure to sunlight? All the fabrics that Xpert Upholstery uses are life-friendly, which means they stand up to spills, kids, and pets.

The Best Upholstery Fabrics for Homes with Kids and Pets

Today, there are plenty of upholstery materials that match good looks with durability. For children and pets and even red-wine lovers, we like the easy care of faux suede or the durability of an indoor-outdoor fabric. Distressed leather is also a great option as you don’t have to worry about the occasional scuff or scratch. If you have a busy household, then stay away from delicate fabrics, like silk. These scratch easily and are not as forgiving if any stains occur.

How to Pick a Luxurious Upholstery Material

If you’re someone who likes to live in the moment and doesn’t want your household being bogged down by messes, don’t let kids or pets get in the way of your home’s potential to be a bold, beautiful sanctuary. More times than not linen is a material used for lighter colours because it’s very durable but also can be stained easily or wrinkled depending on how active of an atmosphere you have at home such as if pets and children run rampant. If these aren’t too much of a problem for anyone living under one roof looking to make their home into something more luxurious, they might consider other fabrics like silk which will always look crisp no matter what happens while still retaining its quality even after multiple uses. If you’re worried about upkeep, you can always use these luxe fabrics on pillows, which can be swapped out once they’ve seen better days or a new trend comes along.

Don’t Forget to Consider the Piece Itself

The shape of your furniture will determine which type of fabric you should choose. But don’t worry, as an upholsterer we’ll be grateful that you took that into consideration! If you’re upholstering a curvaceous piece, we recommend sticking to solid-coloured fabrics. Patterns or textures with a distinctive direction may not upholster well. A pattern that looks great on a bolt of fabric may not look great once it is chopped up and put back together on your sofa, particularly if it’s a tricky, ornate shape. Take the size of the furniture into account, too. We like larger pieces, such as a sofa, in a rich solid colour or classic neutral, so you won’t tire of it over time. Liven things up with smaller pieces. For instance, a great statement chair in a bolder shade or pattern. Think about the other furnishings in the room as well, especially the other upholstered pieces. You’ll want to make sure the colours, textures, and patterns work well together.

Try Before You Buy

To make sure you love the upholstery material on a certain frame and to get an idea of how it feels when sitting in it, pick something that’s shown at the store. If there is a fabric not seen by floor models ask for swatches, so you can drape them over furniture pieces to see what they’ll look like fully draped. Going with custom options? Make sure any patterned fabrics are large enough so that all designs within have been revealed as well as their full colour palette. If you’d like to see what a fabric will look like in bright sun, ask the retailer if they have a mock-up outside.

Think Outside the Swatch

In conclusion, the best upholstery fabric for your furniture is one that matches your lifestyle and taste. With the right fabric for upholstery, you can create a space that is inviting and cozy. Upholstered furniture can be as stylish or traditional as your home’s style dictates. The fabrics we offer at our workshop are durable and will stand the test of time with proper care. We have lots of different options to choose from so don’t hesitate to contact us if you need help selecting the perfect material. Whatever option you decide on will be perfect because there’s an upholstery fabric out there for everyone!

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