We strive to service all of Cape Towns Upholstery needs

All the furniture we manufacture and upholster is of the highest quality and workmanship. Our customers can expect quality products, competitive pricing and timeous delivery. Why not upholster your furniture and give it a fresh new look. 


Upholstery & Re-Upholstery

We are experts, with decades of experience in delivering the highest quality fabrics & leather upholstery service. We service both residential and commercial projects of any scale and budget.


Custom Furniture Manufacturing

We love bringing our client’s ideas to life. Our custom made furniture will have a quality far beyond most new furniture currently available in the market, and will last many years longer, too.


Headboards & Ottomans Manufacturing

Whether you’re styling the most personal room in the home, or adding pieces that embody your style. Our headboards and ottomans can be made to any size or budget to suite your needs.


Couch & Chair Manufacturing

Add your style to any room and turn your house into a home with our custom couch and chair manufacturing service. The possibilities are endless, we’re here to bring your ideas to life.


Furniture Repair & Restoration

We are the experts you need for all your furniture repairs, restoration and refurbishing. We love restoring your loved items, because each piece has its own story which we can never replace.


Couch & Sofa Repair

Whether it be repairing a couch or sofa, or any other sentimental piece of furniture. We are the experts you need to breath life back into those generational pieces so they last a lifetime.

Sometimes Your Space Needs Something Special

Our Custom Furniture Process

Xpert Upholstery’s custom soft furniture is the epitome of luxury and finesse. Crafting  industry-leading furniture which provides style and comfort for home and office spaces. We are a Proudly South African Manufacturer

Initial Consultation

We meet with you and explore your ideas, discuss fabric options and budgetary requirements  

Prototyping Phase

 We produce an early sample, model of your requested furniture design for your approval

Production Phase

Based on the prototype feedback our artisans go into production of the final design in the selected fabric and finishes


Within the specified lead times, your custom furniture will either be delivered to you or you are welcome to collect it from us

All furniture is made from the highest quality materials. Quality products, competitive pricing and timeous delivery are what customers can expect. So give your furniture a new look by upholstering it.

Nino Veerapen , Owner | Xpert Upholstery 

Get answers to your questions here

Do you do Upholstery & Re Upholstery?

Yes, we specialize in Upholstery & Re Upholstery. as well as Custom Couch and Chair Manufacturing

Do you work with Interior Decorators?

As a furniture repair contractor we work directly with interior designers and decorators. Custom designing or re-covering furniture for many home and commercial décor projects..

Do you repair or Restore Furniture?

As industry Xperts we are the perfect solution for any Furniture Repair or Couch & Sofa Repair service you may require.

Do you manufacture Headboards & Ottomans?

Yes, we specialize in Upholstery and Manufacturing Custom Headboards and Ottomans for your home

What time does your workshop close?

Our workshop is open on weekdays as per the below times: 




Why wait! Get the custom furniture you've always dreamed of made just for you.

Our vision at Xpert Upholstery is to design and manufacture quality furniture that we can be proud of.  We strive to provide our customers with the highest quality products at competitive rates.

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Get a Quote

Contact us for an  free quote and we’ll get back to you shortly

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