The Cost of Reupholstering: Unveiling the True Expense

Why is reupholstering so expensive?

Many people ask themselves why reupholstering is so expensive. There are many reasons for this, but one of the biggest factors is reupholstery labour itself. The reupholstery industry has been growing steadily in recent years, and it can be difficult to find qualified reupholsterers who are also willing to work at a low cost. The cost varies depending on the materials used and whether the reupholstery job is custom or not. This article will cover why reupholstering furniture is so expensive, what you should know before getting it done and how much it costs for different pieces of furniture in various styles.

Even though there are many companies that offer new furniture, reupholstering is still a great way to save money. Here’s why:

  • Reupholstering furniture is better for the environment than buying new. A slip cover can help improve your couch and save it from being thrown out in a landfill or polluting air, too.
  • New furniture might not be of the best quality. It could crack or break within a year, and possibly even after less than that time period! Moreover, it’s common for fabric to start splitting off from the leather in some pieces — this is what we mean by peeling here.
  • Getting exactly what we want is hard, because mass-producer factories often get fabric suppliers to offer them bargains in order to maximize their own profits. So if you don’t like the fabrics they have available for your couch, tough luck!
  • One solution to this problem is reupholstering your furniture. This way, you can guarantee that it will fit in your space because, unlike mass-produced items, the size of upholstery pieces are adjustable.
  • So, reupholstering your lounge suite isn’t just good for the environment. In effect, reupholstering your lounge suite helps create jobs for local people who can now work and contribute to the economy.

Many clients reupholster their sofas or chairs due to sentimental value. They believe that the furniture in question is more likely to hold a significant memory than when it was originally bought, and this belief prompts them into action. And then, there are some that do it due immigrating; they find themselves less able/willing financially (or otherwise) to buy new items of furniture. Because, believe it or not, as an immigrant you’ll get by with your old sofa for longer if you have had its upholstery replaced here rather than abroad – whether because such replacement would be cheaper locally or simply easier logistically!

This time factor is what makes the process of reupholstering expensive.

Removing the old covers, which sometimes consist of 2 or 3 layers of fabric, can take a day or two. Although if you use fabric and design your own pattern, it could take several hours to measure the old fabric. Then cutting the new fabric to size and making sure that there is minimal wastage also takes some time and great skill. The next phase would involve sewing the panels together, adding piping detail or top-stitching detail. Upholstering a couch is a detailed, time-consuming process.

In order to maintain the integrity and structure, sometimes repairs need to be made or new springs / webbing need to be installed during cutting sessions. When new padding needs to be added, measurements need to be taken so that foam can correctly fit. This is cut and glued in place when necessary. These three processes usually happen sequentially as one waits for the other two to finish.

The final step in upholstery is to do the tacking and assessing. It often takes multiple turns of tack-and-assess before any permanent punching can happen, because you have to make sure that everything looks perfect after each turn. After the re-upholstery process, a cleaning is completed. If requested by the client, fabric or leather protection (‘scotch guarding’) will be applied to help the sofa stand up another day for curing properly. In the end, it takes a team of 4 to 6 people to re-upholster something as simple as a couch.

So, the next time you think of spring-cleaning your house and dumping the old couch, get a quote for re-upholstery first, and then remember this process of events that takes place in order for it to come to back to you as new!

It’s rare that something is ever really new. However, by re-upholstering your old couch instead of throwing it away and buying a new one, you can take comfort in knowing the materials come from sustainable sources rather than being manufactured entirely out of synthetic materials. So, the next time you think of spring-cleaning your house and dumping the old couch, get a quote for re-upholstery first, and then remember this process of events that takes place in order for it to come to back to you as new! Contact Us for your obligation free quote.

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